Tool kit for an archaeologist: Everything you need to get you started

Your time to become the scientist you always dreamed of becoming has now arrived. Get yourself a tool kit for an archaeologist and get out to that dig site. Everyday citizens becoming archaeologists in Britain is big news now, as those who have an interest in archaeology equip themselves with a trowel, gloves, scaled ruler, handpick, knife and shaving brush. Of course, there are some tools which will be more specialised. A tool kit for an archaeologist can be basic or far more sophisticated – but it will allow you to find interesting things. There is an urgency with coastal archaeology because so easily a ‘find’ can be washed away forever. The Museum of London Archaeology, for instance, has now started its Citizen Project where it trains ordinary everyday people to record exciting or extraordinary items they find washed up, as these could be the very thing needed to help scientists understand our ancient history. So are you ready to turn into a great scientist and archaeologist?

Tool kit for an archaeologist

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