What is finds processing or pot washing?

Finds processing or pot washing involves washing and labelling the findings from an archaeological site. This work is a vital part of the process of caring for any artefacts that have been found when excavating a site. Getting involved in finds processing or pot washing can be a fun way to learn about history and how we humans lived in the past. However, you would need to be careful as finds can be fragile, depending on their age, and you would not want to make mistakes. Here are two important things you need to know before starting the action. (1) Process one bag of findings at a time – If you want to multi-task then this activity is not for you. Each bag of finds has a separate label and needs to be processed individually, one at a time. It is important to process each item in the bag and then only move to the next one. (2) Always have the means of identifying the artefacts with you. You might think that the find is a piece of rock, but it may be bone turned into rock. There are ways to find out what the article found is. It may be a catalogue developed by experts or some scientific test like carbon dating. Do not depend on hunches, but on scientific ways of identification. If you enjoy this activity and want to do it regularly, Get yourself a skills passport . There are three levels, novice, competent, and proficient, and you would enjoy achieving each level, learning much along the way.

Finds processing or pot washing

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