Field walking technique: Why it’s so important.

Are you sick of sitting behind a desk all day? Tired of the monotony of your everyday life? More and more people are waking up to the dangers of a passive lifestyle. With so much emphasis on health these days, it’s not surprising that so many young people are looking at careers which take them away from constantly being behind a computer. The field walking technique, with archaeology, is the perfect example of this. The main way to do survey archaeology is field walking. As an archaeologist, you’ll hike through fields in your study area to record archaeological evidence encountered. What an exciting career as you Uncover amazing things in archaeology such as the lives of ancient humanity and what weird tools they used each day. The field walking technique, which includes getting permission from land owners, is important, as it will locate archaeological sites and areas where activity has taken place. The method is widely used in a major excavation so that walking over the area is done in a safe, orderly sequence to avoid upsetting anything which could disturb the exciting process of search for lost ‘treasure’. So if you are contemplating your future career, why not consider Archeology as a new dream?

Field walking technique

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