Digs in the UK: Most interesting finds in the last 5 years

Digs in the UK never end as this small Island reveals it’s tales of myths and legends. ‘What hasn’t gone on in Britain?’ This might be a question we find ourselves asking if we were to venture into our historical records or perhaps as many are doing, get out into the ‘field.’ Getting involved in archeological digs around the country is easier now than ever before. From pre-Celtic to Anglo-Saxon, to the Roman eras, the soil in Britain never ceases to reward the keen detectives of the Archeological world. A dig in Lancashire is set to uncover an untouched Bronze Age burial site as two metal detecting enthusiasts finally experience the fruits of their labour. Mathew Hepworth and David Kierzek first found a bronze chisel and dagger which later led to the unearthing of a full bronze burial ground dating back a few thousand years. Digs in the UK are not only for the experts, many ordinary men and women accidentally stumble upon a treasure in the top soil, later on bringing in the specialists to further the dig. The excitement and thrill of finding fine metal craft and priceless fragments of long-lost cultures are open to all. If you have that passion for finding treasure, that patience, and dedication, you will find the endless landscape of the British Isles the perfect starting point.

Digs in the UK

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