Archaeology a secret history that reveals the truth about the Bible

Is archaeology a secret history? A History Channel program “Bible Secrets Revealed ” that aired in 2015 for six weeks dealt with the history of the Bible. BBC has recently launched a new series titled “Archaeology a Secret History”. The response of the church to the History channel’s series was that it missed some truth about the writings, and some of the verses were misinterpreted. However, the series took a scientific approach and went to the sites where the stories from The Bible were located and found most to be having evidence to support them. For instance, Abraham sacrificing his son Ishmael on a stone is the story in the Bible. Archaeologists have been able to quantify that a stone in the same location was used for making sacrifices. Also, the story of Moses where the sea kills his enemies have been proven correct after evidence of the same was found under the sea. Seeing the evidence, Archaeology proves the Bible is a true story. To believe either or not is a personal choice.


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