Archaeological importance of Jewish relics

Jewish relics - The ivory Cherub

There are a number of Jewish relics in biblical museums around the world. The relics have a very important role in bringing out the history of the biblical age. The relics found in the excavations around the old Jewish temple is very important for reconstructing history from Judean times to Christianity. One of the most important museums having authentic Jewish relics is the Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem. The artefacts in this museum are pieces of history, which give evidence of the way people lived in the Biblical ages. A special exhibition christened as “By the Rivers of Babylon” showcases the important events in the history of Jewish people. Some of the most important relics kept in this museum are Yahweh Sebaot inscription on a limestone, the Akkadian Larsa tablet, the lion and calf bowl, the quadrilingual Darius I jar, the Jonah sarcophagus, the Christopher sarcophagus, the Ivory Cherub and much more. The relics showcased are very valuable from the viewpoint researchers, and archaeologists. However, if you are a collector of relics you need to be careful in this age of the internet. Recently an object which was thought be a relic and sold to the IAA (Israel’s Antiquities Authority) was found to be fake. The so-called ancient Jewish relic is actually a new age German energy beamer sold online. Even if you get a genuine artefact signifying Jewish history or any other period, the way to go is to send it to a museum. They can take better care of it.

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