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Archaeology is for everyone

Welcome to our site focusing on all things archaeological! Archaeology is the study of human life and activity through history by excavating sites and examining physical remains. Archaeologists are interested in all kinds of human life, from diet, clothes and housing, to weapons and tools. While it may seem to focus on everyday life, archaeology also leads us to big questions about human identity, culture, traditions, gender roles, social structures and religious beliefs. It allows us to engage directly and physically connect with the past. Archaeologists use all kinds of technology from the most basic digging tools to cutting-edge forensic techniques. Famous archaeology sites in the UK include Sutton Hoo, a royal burial site dating back over a thousand years, and the Staffordshire Hoard, a collection of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver artefacts. Archaeology is something that can and should be enjoyed by everyone. Indeed, we all have a stake in the preservation and exploration of remnants from our ancestor’s lives. In the past, spectacular Viking, Saxon and Roman troves have been unearthed by non-professionals. So, whether you are a professional archaeologist, a keen amateur or completely new to the field, this website will have plenty to keep you informed and interested.

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